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Holographic Repatterning

What is Resonance Repatterning® / Holographic Repatterning®?

Resonance Repatterning®, formerly known as Holographic Repatterning®, developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth, is an extraordinary and simple method of effecting dramatic and instant changes in the body and mind. This method enables a practitioner to identify and transform the energy constrictions and unconscious patterns of behavior that underlies all problems and prevents us from living the life we love.

Recent research in new physics has proven that all matter consists of pulsating energy fields….interchangeable vibrating frequencies of energy. The physical body, the emotional body and the mind are all frequencies of energy. The exciting news is that frequencies can be shifted as easily as changing a radio dial. When the body’s energy system becomes constricted due to one's unconscious patterns and beliefs all that is needed to shift this energy is to change the frequency, thus repatterning our past experiences and enabling us to create new, positive experiences.

In your session, we identify the old pattern(s) that need to be shifted. Then through the use of a specific modality (such as movement, color, sound or fragrance) the unwanted frequency is shifted to the desired frequency, again just like changing a radio station. When we are at the same vibration with unconscious negative beliefs we create a reality based on limitation that prevents us from achieving our full potential in life. Resonance Repatterning® creates harmonious wave patterns and synchronizes frequencies to create new possibilities, giving us the opportunity to live the life we love.

[The trademarks Resonance Repatterning® and Holographic Repatterning® are used under license from Chloe Faith Wordsworth.]

December Repatterning Special only $155
Feel Welcomed, Loved, and Accepted
Heal Your Birth Journey
Heal Your Birth Journey – Heal Your Life

December Method Special only $155
Enhance Your Spiritual Evolution
Spiritual Response Therapy
Heal Your Spiritual Journey – Heal Your Life

Group Repatterning to Balance Your Large Intestine Meridian
Let Go and Move On
Thursday, December 14, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
only $25 - First Group is FREE
North Phoenix or by Proxy if you can’t make it in person
Please RSVP 602-864-7662

Contact us for more details

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