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What is Scalar Heart Connection™?

The way we feel about ourselves and how we react to outside stimuli directly affects how we receive energy and how well our body communicates energy to every cell. The quantum, scalar field of unlimited potential is the background that connects all of us to ourselves, to each other and to the universe. This energy is the blueprint that directs and regulates all biological processes. In order for this energy to manifest as physical health we must ensure that we are providing our body with all the necessary nutrients needed by our cells, which are the most basic and fundamental component of our “physical” manifestation.

If you look at the source of negative thoughts and emotions, in all cases you will find that the root cause is “fear.” When you allow fear to interfere (enter-fear) with your DNA signaling, you are traveling down the path of cellular degeneration. The opposite of fear is love. Unconditional love is the emotional quality or feeling associated with having a connection with the “Universal Creative Energy.” Love is the highest positive energy. It transcends all other feelings and emotions. Love is the energy and power of God or the Source of what keeps us alive. When we are connected to the highest expression of love, there is no room for fear. With love there is trust – trust in our abilities, ourselves, and in the Divine plan. You can love someone without trusting them, but you cannot have trust without love. Experiencing fear means you have become disconnected from Trust and Love.

When we can identify the source of the upset and reduce it to the underlying fear, we take the first step towards shifting the fear into trust. This can be as simple as changing the channel on your television set. If you don’t like what you are watching you can always grab the remote and change the channel to something more uplifting. Likewise, we can change the channel of what we think about and the external conditions also change. Once we change then our spouse, child, friend, or the negative situation can change. Just change the channel of what you and your DNA resonate with and you change your reality. We have the choice about what we believe about ourselves. Our positive self-image defines what we become.

Often we are not able to identify the upset or past trauma. In this case, it may not be as easy as just changing the channel of our thoughts. Even though many of these issues have been long forgotten, subconsciously, our behavior is still shaped by them. Our molecular and cellular matrix remembers the painful experience and may cause us to avoid situations that seem similar for fear of reenacting the experience. Poor health often results. In addition, this constricted energy many times affects our habits and perceptions in negative ways. For example, often our misperceptions lead us to actions that create obstacles that keep us from achieving our highest potential. We develop unworkable relationships due to negative actions or we block our professional goals because of low self-esteem. Our beliefs about ourselves sabotage our creativity and general well-being.

Scalar Heart Connection™ is a system that safely identifies emotional patterns in our energy field. This process uses a ‘strong’ or a ‘weak’ muscle check response to identify the unconscious conflicts that cause negative behavior and provides a holographic picture of the inner conflicts that influence our behavior in sometimes self-sabotaging ways.

Once identified, these negative emotional patterns can be released from the system by using various energetic techniques aimed at the specific energy frequency that needs to be dissipated or repatterned. Once you let go of the emotional distress, your thoughts and actions are no longer influenced by unconscious self-sabotaging influences. The unresolved earlier experience finds resolution and the negative mind talk is replaced with a positive outlook. This allows for a new internal motivation where life becomes meaningful and you have a clear sense of purpose. Without the influence of the negative patterns from the past you harmoniously resolve differences in your relationships. Problems are seen as opportunities for growth and improvement. You’re empowered by challenges. You respond to life with trust, confidence, calmness, courage and positive action. You feel energized and have a sense of physical and emotional well-being and vitality.


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