Indigo Spiritual Healing

What is this method designed to do?

It is designed exclusively to help adult Indigos remember the truth of who they are—their unique and ultimate essence—and reclaim their soul’s power, purpose, and divine mission to usher in the new energy of light, integrity, and peace on Earth.

The term, Indigo, comes from the aura color that surrounds their physical body.

Indigos—born as pure light channels of God—come from the highest realm in the heavens where old and wise souls reside. Edgar Cayce prophesied that a great number of gifted children would be incarnating into the world with a mission to raise the cosmic consciousness of humanity.

While many Indigos are geniuses, and their gifts include telepathy, precognition, psychic, and healing abilities, they arrive on Earth with pain and anger toward the world as it is with all its pollution, corruption, greed, and societal decay. As children, they may be teased or ridiculed for being peculiar, and punished or medicated for being paranormal and may have abandoned their gifts and indigo power out of fear and a desire to fit in. As an adult Indigo, it is their repressed anger that compels them to be leaders or activists in order to literally save the world.

Inasmuch as they don’t understand it, many Indigos have attempted to heal their pain and anger through rational, cognitive, and emotional therapies without success because their pain resides on the spiritual, energetic—soul—level. Only a spiritual healing can properly leverage their pain and anger to reclaim their power and purpose.

What will you experience during a spiritual healing session?

You will be proclaiming the truth of who you are to unblock a lifetime of constraints, restraints, and soul suppressions, in addition to reconnecting to the divine.

You will understand why you may sometimes feel afraid, stuck, or angry; come to peace with yourself and your life circumstances, as well as reclaim your innate gifts and abilities.

You will feel empowered, relieved, grateful, fully alive, and liberated.

What can you expect after a session?

You may gravitate to activities that are of interest and importance to you that benefit others, like a new career/business opportunity, or participate strictly as a volunteer.

You may become involved with righting the wrongs of social issues, such as, education reform, future of healthcare, government corruption, and environmental protections.

You may develop a warrior personality and have a strong desire to champion a cause that helps the weak or disadvantaged, such as children, the elderly, or animals.

You may experience a stronger sensitivity to your innate abilities like predicting future events and finding innovative ways to inspire and influence positive change.

You may learn that by trusting and developing greater patience, compassion, and forgiveness, this may enhance your self-awareness and connection to your purpose.

Like a garden hose, you may notice that evidence of your healing may trickle in over time, or flood in like a fire hose. One is not better than the other. Embrace any repetitive feelings, thoughts, ideas, visions, and dreams as they are directing you toward fulfilling your mission.


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DISCLAIMER: The methods used are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease and are not considered therapy. Those who receive sessions take full responsibility for consulting a healthcare professional regarding any ailments, illnesses, injuries, or other medical conditions and symptoms that are of a personal concern. While you may experience subtle to profound results from a session, I make no guarantee, promise, warranty, or representation, either implied or stated, relative to any outcome(s).