Spiritual Response Therapy

What is this method designed to do?

This method is a spiritual technology designed to research the subconscious mind and beyond—past lifetimes—to uncover the source of long-held patterns and imprinted programming that prevents your soul from healing itself and achieving its fullest potential in this lifetime.

This method assumes that souls live many lifetimes and have experiences in past lifetimes that manifest as debilitating emotional, mental, or physical afflictions, and phobias in this lifetime. For example, while researching the past life of a client who needed asthma medication five times a day, Rev. Robert Detzler, developer of SRT, discovered her soul had perished in fires in numerous lifetimes. After clearing her fear of death by asphyxiation, the woman reported that she no longer suffered from the incapacitating effects of chronic asthma.

What will you experience during a SRT session?

A session consists of the practitioner asking a series of appropriate “yes–no” questions to identify patterns or programs of discordant energy which have been imprinted in your soul’s Akashic record over thousands of lifetimes.

The answers direct the practitioner to what your exact soul needs to be cleared, enhanced, forgiven, and highlighted (i.e.: codependency, self-punishment, fear, trauma, conflict, or a desire to suffer, in addition to hidden vows of poverty, celibacy, silence, obedience, or invisibility).

Once these programs and energies are identified, they are cleared. When that is done your soul has been educated to the lessons it should have learned and positive energies replace the old.

There is no special preparation or belief system required. You don’t have to believe in reincarnation or past lives, and you don’t need to be overly “spiritual.” An open mind and heart is all you need to benefit from this method.

What can you expect after a session?

You may feel the changes almost instantly. At the very least, you may begin to experience a greater sense of inner peace, tranquility, and love over the following weeks and months.

This method removes anxiety and stress from your life. As a result of being worry free, you may be less likely to procrastinate and therefore able to accomplished more and realize a higher quality of life.

In addition, you may experience more spiritual growth, vibrant health, self-love, success, creativity, financial prosperity, intimacy in your romantic relationship, happiness and more.


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DISCLAIMER: The methods used are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease and are not considered therapy. Those who receive sessions take full responsibility for consulting a healthcare professional regarding any ailments, illnesses, injuries, or other medical conditions and symptoms that are of a personal concern. While you may experience subtle to profound results from a session, I make no guarantee, promise, warranty, or representation, either implied or stated, relative to any outcome(s).