Designing Your Ideal Relationships

Posted on December 17, 2019

Designing Your Ideal Relationships

Living consistent with your purpose, what would your ideal relationships be like? There are many different types of relationships from familial to friendship, neighbor, co-worker, and romantic partner. Consider designing your ideal relationships in each area of life where you are relating to others.

I created my ideal romantic relationship by exploring these three questions:

• What do I need in my relationships in order to thrive?
• What do I want/desire to be happy/satisfied in my relationships?
• What boundaries must be respected/maintained?

I recommend using these same questions when designing all of your ideal relationships.

My Ideal Romantic Relationship

I have a mutually beneficial, fulfilling, committed relationship with the man of my dreams. We share common interests and are spiritually compatible. I love him with an open heart and it is returned to me tenfold. I feel accepted, desired, respected, cherished, and adored by him. When our eyes meet, we share a profound knowing of our love for one another, which often moves us to tears.

We experience open communication, divine tenderness, unconditional trust, encouragement, and support as best friends. We honor our differences and resolve conflicts as they occur so our hearts are available to receive even more love and compassion. I am always safe to express my true feelings.

We share a deep and abiding understanding that we would never intentionally do anything to hurt the other. The language of love that feeds my soul is affirmation—receiving love notes, cards, and flowers when I least expect it. I revel in providing what my partner needs that enhances our enduring commitment. We enjoy soothing massages, long embraces, cuddling on the couch, and spooning in bed—which culminates in intense sexual passion and mutual fulfillment.

We thrive living together in harmony and anticipating the delight of reuniting after a gratifying, purpose-filled day’s activities. He is genuinely funny and his clever wit makes me spontaneously laugh out loud. We enjoy cooking savory and delicious meals together and exploring new culinary dishes and fine wines from different parts of the world. Our conversations are rich and relaxed. We toast to our good fortune and sacred companionship.

We are financially free, enjoy robust health, and love traveling to exotic locations around the world visiting historic sites, immersing ourselves in different cultures, and walking barefoot on tropical beaches. We stroll through open-air markets admiring the skill of local artisans. We experience grace and ease with each other and the charming people we meet along the way.

Our foundation and expression of love models and inspires what’s possible for others in intimate relationships.

Enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 10 in my Amazon #1 best-selling book, What Would Love Do Right Now?  A Guide to Living an Extraordinary Life.

Lovingly Submitted,

Victoria Benoit, M.C.

Healer, Speaker, Bestselling Author

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