Open Your Path to Career Success

Posted on July 15, 2019

Open Your Path to Career Success

What Would Love Do Right Now in Your Work Relationships?

Wherever you are right now in your career, business, or job is just that—it’s where you are. You may be judging where you are by saying to yourself, “I should be further along at this age. What went wrong?” Each time you put yourself down, you stop the flow. Or perhaps you have the perfect job and you’re thinking, “I love my job and I hope it never changes.” Consider that change is inevitable and that this point of view may also stop the flow by preventing you from seizing new opportunities.

By examining what consistently occurs in your work life that blocks your path to success—being bypassed for promotion; harassed; treated unjustly; expected to take on every task offered; less than fairly compensated; or volunteering to do more than you can handle—you can then take action toward fulfilling your professional goals.

Along the way, you may also recall some negative messages you heard from your parents and influential adults in your life, like the following:

· “To provide for your family and get a pension, you have to work for thirty years at the same job, even if you don’t  like it.”

· “I didn’t go to college. I’m not paying for you to go. Get a job.”

· “Girls can’t be doctors. / Boys can’t be nurses.”

· “The only way to make real money is to run your own business.”

· “You’re not talented enough to be in the movies.”

You are where you are because of the decisions you made based on limiting messages, past experiences, as well as unconscious conclusions and patterns. Identifying these decisions will help you understand why you are where you are today, and how they impact your work relationships with co- workers, bosses, employees, and clients.

A great way to discover your unconscious programming and where it came from is by completing the Inquiry to Resolution: My Professional/Work Relationships worksheet about your jobs, career, and business experiences.

Enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 5 in my Amazon #1 best-selling book, What Would Love Do Right Now? A Guide to Living an Extraordinary Life.

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