Your Results are Beginning

Everything starts with intention, and energy flows where intention goes. Fine tuning and balancing all of your chakra energy centers —one by one, from the ground up—is a powerful place to start. This repatterning series is designed to dramatically improve your well-being on every level and in every area of your life. The intention of the series is—for every participant—to realize ideal happiness.

The biggest benefit of a PROXY group is that your direct participation in each of the ten, 90-minute sessions is not required—saving you 15 hours.

The only time required to maximize your intended outcomes is to complete all ten chakra-specific questionnaires. Completing the questionnaires, however, is not mandatory. Feel free to scroll directly to the payment section. Nevertheless, the degree to which you provide in depth responses, is the degree to which your chakras can be optimally balanced to manifest your desired results.

In addition, full participation as a group has yet another huge bonus. The combined energy of each individual seriously amplifies your results.

Everyone benefits when responses to the questionnaires are provided, which may take up to 10 minutes per questionnaire.

Allocate enough time (approximately 90 minutes) to finish all ten questionnaires.

CAUTION: Do not log out prior to entering your payment, otherwise all the information you entered in the questionnaires will be lost and you will have to start over.

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