Energy Healing Interviews

Energy HealingBecause countless clients are experiencing extraordinary outcomes and manifesting their desires, Victoria is again expanding the difference she makes in the lives of others. For example, she is moving beyond providing individual and group repatterning sessions to sharing the benefits of energy healing with radio listeners.

Victoria discusses energy healing and how, through mini-repatterning sessions, a radio caller can shift negative beliefs to positive outcomes. For instance, listen to the caller on April 30 who had a nagging cough from childhood. The caller indicated that she wanted her parents to acknowledge her for exceeding their expectations. When that didn’t happen, she developed a cough to get their attention. Her energy shifted when she realized that she was enough just the way she was. The caller later reported that she no longer has the urge to cough.

Listen to the May 14 abundance repatterning interview as the caller reveals that after she retired, she noticed that her level of energy and ability to be powerful have gradually disappeared and her capacity to manifest what she wants has become nonexistent. Victoria guided the caller through a healing session that identified several unconscious beliefs that were holding her back. Victoria was then able to strengthen and balance the caller’s heart meridian using a consonant sound modality. As a result of her energy healing session, the caller later reported that she won $770 in a poker tournament the following weekend.