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Welcome to the Center for Extraordinary Outcomes where we use a variety of healing methods to enhance the quality of your life. For maximum healing benefit it is recommended that initially you schedule one sessions per week. Then as you notice your attitude, perceptions, and beliefs becoming more positive, plan to schedule sessions two to three weeks apart.

Scheduling. Click the purple book-online-today button in the sidebar. Sessions are facilitated in person, on the phone, or by proxy. The results begin when you make your appointment!

Rate. Customary 90-minute Individual Session :: $195

Save 10% :: 60+ Senior Discount :: One 90-minute Individual Session :: $175 
Save 10% :: Monthly Repatterning Special :: One 90-minute Individual Session :: $175
Save 10% :: Attract Results Package :: Three 90-minute Individual Sessions Package :: $525
Save 20% :: Inspired Possibilities Package  :: Five 90-minute Individual Sessions Package :: $780
Save 20% :: Living the Miraculous Package :: Six 90-minute Individual Sessions Package :: $936
Save 65% :: Group :: Mini Proxy Series :: Four 30-minute Group Sessions :: $28/Session
Save 65% :: Group :: Mini Proxy Series :: Ten 30-minute Group Sessions Package :: $280
Save 75% :: Group :: Proxy Series :: Five 90-minute Group Sessions Package :: $225
Save 75% :: Group :: Proxy Series :: Ten 90-minute Group Sessions Package :: $450

$25 Referral Reward Program. I feel so blessed to receive referrals that for every first-time client you refer to me who purchases a session/package, I am delighted to reward YOU with a $25 discount off the purchase of your next individual session. I am humbled by the trust and courage it takes for you to recommend me to those you hold in high esteem. I promise to treat them with tender loving care. Thank you for your continued support.

Payment Policy. MC/VISA/AMEX/DISCOVER credit cards are accepted online. Total amount is due in advance and is non-refundable as well as non-transferable.

Cancellation/Reschedule/No-Show Policy. When a session cancellation/reschedule is necessary, please provide a 24-hour notice so that another client can benefit. Any cancellation/reschedule with less than 24-hour notice will be considered a no-show and, as such, is nonrefundable.

Benevolent No-Show Option. Victoria is prepared to support any client who has scheduled an IN PERSON or ON PHONE appointment and encounters an unexpected conflict that prevents them from providing a 24-hour notice by simply changing the appointment to a PROXY session where the client’s direct participation is not required. The session cannot be changed online, so to take advantage of this option, you MUST call Victoria at 602-864-7662—no later than the start time of your scheduled appointment.

Getting to Know You. Immediately preceding your first individual in-person/phone/proxy session, a 30-minute complimentary consultation will be conducted that includes reviewing your past experiences, i.e., birth details; family dynamics; health issues and medication(s); significant traumas, accidents, or injuries; relationships with significant others and children; work history; passions, hobbies, and recreational activities.

First Things First. All new and returning clients will be required to upload a recent headshot when they book online. Having a photo on file that I can view—especially as a reference during phone & proxy sessions—is highly beneficial.

Individual In-Person Sessions. Upon arriving at the Center, I will offer you a bottle of water. Drinking water during a session enhances the accuracy of the muscle checking to better align you with the results you desire. In order to muscle check, you must grant the practitioner permission to touch your forearm as well as allowing her to place her fingers over your fully-clothed naval area. If you are uncomfortable with any touch whatsoever, the practitioner will proxy muscle check on your behalf so that touch is avoided altogether.

Individual Phone Sessions. I will call you at your scheduled appointment time. Plan to be in a private, quiet place, free from distractions and interruptions. Your comfort during the 90-minute session is of utmost importance. Reclining with a hands-free phone connection is optimal. Be sure to have water and tissues within reach.

Individual Proxy Sessions. After you schedule your proxy appointment, call to discuss and identify an outcome you’re seeking to achieve. Then, at the appointed time, without your direct participation, I will text you that I am beginning your session. Immediately upon completion, I will call you to review the limiting patterns that were released and the new positive intentions with which you are now aligned.

Proxy Group Sessions. Each proxy group is based on popular themes (e.g., Relationships; Abundance; Health & Vitality) that deliver results without your direct involvement. Before the first session of each new proxy group series, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire to identify your unique issues around a specific topic in the series. With each successive session in the series, you receive exactly what you need in order to release what no longer serves you and to create extraordinary outcomes in your life. The cumulative effect, as well as the size of the group, exponentially amplifies the results over the duration of the series. Upon completion of each session, I will email you the session notes.

As with ALL sessions, I recommend that you look for the ease with which you consistently and naturally move toward experiencing the new possibilities that were created.

Get Rid of What’s Holding You Back. There is no better time to create and achieve career satisfaction, loving relationships, financial prosperity, emotional serenity, health and vitality, mental clarity, weight management, and spiritual healing. The results begin when you make an appointment!


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