How It Works

Mind/Body Repatterning works thanks to kinesiology. It is important to understand that while there are several forms of kinesiology not all of them have the same application. Kinesiology began as the study of the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of body movement developed by Robert Lovett and Wilhelmina Wright in the 1920s as a medical diagnostic technique. In 1964, George Goodheart, Jr., a chiropractor, discovered applied kinesiology, which is the link between muscle-strength testing and the acupuncture meridian system.

I use a form of applied kinesiology called resonance kinesiology established by Chloe Faith Wordsworth in 1990. Her method accesses the innate wisdom of your mind/body energy field using the natural binary (ON/OFF) muscle response from your autonomic nervous system. It also allows me to quickly and easily identify what is needed in your session, as well as revealing negative beliefs and—like a light switch—flips them from ON to OFF thus engaging the law of attraction to create positive changes in your life.

The following are a few memorable real-life success stories:


Experience the exponential power of intention…

Combining your energy with those around you who desire a common goal allows you to generate exponential outcomes. When a group of people with similar vibrations unite for a purpose, their energy is more than doubled toward that goal. So, look for ways to harness and amplify this energy. Finding more like-minded friends is a wonderful first step!

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Experience the effortless ease of natural momentum…

Actions are simply energy in motion—taking small steps brings what you desire to fruition. Slow down, let go of the need to arrange and control how things will work out. When you stop and listen for your inner guidance to direct you, achieving your goals become easier and faster than you expected. You may feel that small miracles are occurring.

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Experience the reality of your heart’s desires…

Thoughts plus divine right actions are what manifest potential greatness. Everything is first created as a thought. Conceive of that which you desire; believing that it is possible to attain; and you will achieve it in your life. The limits you put on yourself are the only things holding you back. You attract—or are attracted to—experiences with which you have a similar vibration.

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Experience an unbroken bond of unity and harmony…

Everyone and everything is connected to everyone and everything. Separation is an illusion. We’re all part of the same creation, all part of the same collective consciousness, all part of the same vibration. The more barriers between us, the less in touch we become with ourselves. Ask yourself, what would love do right now?

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Experience the principle of conceive, believe, and achieve…

You fail to believe what you see, rather you see what you have already decided to believe. Beliefs are built upon a mix of facts, fictitious perspectives, and prejudices we have about life, ourselves and others. The source of all suffering comes from believing a thought that opposes reality. You can have anything you want, if you can give up the limiting belief that you can’t have it.

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Experience the flow of energy by shifting your thoughts…

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It is in constant motion. You can tap into this energy and transform it into anything you desire. Every action is preceded by a thought. Each thought has the power to manifest in your physical reality. Therefore, everyone has the power to shift their reality from ordinary to extraordinary.

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