Be Grateful for the Money You Have

Posted on February 24, 2020

Be Grateful for the Money You Have

Experience Freedom
The aim is to expand your ability to spend and receive wealth, and to direct it with your intention and attention without fear and guilt by saying, “I let go and trust the Universe to provide.”

Spend More, Receive More
Keep a $100 bill in your wallet. Go virtual shopping. Find one thing you want and buy it vibrationally. Buy 100 things vibrationally and you’ve spent $10,000. That which flows out, returns tenfold.

Say “YES.”
Saying yes to everything you encounter puts you in acceptance/receptive mode. This mode raises your vibration and directs the force of the Universe to manifest that with which you resonate and shifts your state of mind to appreciation. Gratitude is the highest energy state. When constantly in this state, you can literally attract everything you want.

Feeling exhilarated, say to everyone, “YES! Thank you for this!” “YES! I’d love to!” Next, with ease: relax, release control, stop resisting, and with no anxiety, trust the Universe and go with the flow. Do these things and money will flow to you more quickly.

The Universe can’t tell whether you’re really spending money or vibrationally spending it. When vibrationally buying an item, visualize the entire process; open wallet, take out the $100 bill, hand it to the clerk, accept the receipt, walk out with the item. The more money you spend vibrationally, the more money you will receive in reality, often without having to earn it.

Begin with being grateful for what you already have. Every day write a gratitude list in a notebook, or sit quietly at bedtime and just think about what you’re grateful for in your life—both past and present—whether it’s significant or not.

Lovingly Submitted,

Victoria Benoit, M.C.
Healer, Speaker, Bestselling Author

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