Heal My Heart Series :: 10 of 22

Posted on October 5, 2022

Heal My Heart Series :: 10 of 22

Free your heart. Free your mind. FREE YOUR SOUL

Applying the Magical Healing Process to people YOU have harmed. Do this to liberate yourself from the guilt of any harm you caused—or think you caused—to other people in your life. Often, the way we have been harmed is the way we harm others. This is not for the accidental times you hurt someone. This is for the times when you were angry, jealous, afraid, or hurt and didn’t know how to respond other than to take it out on the other person.

  • For example: Those times when you acted out, lied, cheated, tattled, stole, took the credit, shifted the blame, sabotaged another, etc.

The survival ego part of you reacted rather than responded. That was you in the past. Now is now, and NOW is the time to let go and free yourself from these experiences. Free your heart. Free your mind. Free your soul.

Have compassion. No need to judge yourself harshly if you think there are too many people you have hurt, just love yourself, and pace yourself. This isn’t a race. It’s better to get everything out and in the process of healing than to keep it bundled inside. Take a couple of deep breaths and relax. This may not be as comfortable as healing with those who harmed you, although, you’ll have a lot more energy available to you just by doing this. You’ll have to trust me on this one.

The Magical Healing Process with people you have harmed. This recipe also has four ingredients: 1) recalling and recording the incidents; 2) releasing your associated feelings; 3) energetically taking back the responsibility and guilt; and 4) giving your authentic and sincere apology.

Recalling. For each relationship category—your parents, your intimate partners, your children and siblings, your extended family, your friends, teachers, coaches, clergy, and your work associates—recall an incident where you harmed another.

Recording. In your Healing Notebook, include your age and what happened in as much detail as possible (i.e. what you did or didn’t do—what you said or didn’t say), as well as the person’s name along with their relationship to you.

  • For example: You might start by saying, “I’m ready now to face and heal the harm I have done to others,” then, accept whatever arises. Remember, your mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imaginary. Don’t spend time wondering whether something really happened—just work with it.

Releasing. As you recall each experience, allow your emotions to surface. Whatever the emotion is, really feel it and let it out.

  • For example: when you feel remorse, regret, grief, sadness, shame, embarrassment, or anger—REALLY feel it and express it—cry, journal, punch your pillow, whatever works for you. The only rule is to not harm yourself or others. Keep going until you experience a sense of freedom and calmness. Releasing your feelings begins the process of healing.

Freeing. It’s now time to energetically free the other person from the harm you caused by taking back the responsibility and guilt for what happened. Close your eyes and visualize the other person standing in front of you. Say the following statement aloud:

  • “I take back the responsibility and accept the guilt for the harm I caused you. It is no longer necessary for you to assume this responsibility. I give you my blessings as you move forward in your life.”

Visualize the other person gladly receiving your communication and imagine them saying to you—with honor and respect:

  • “I appreciate the generosity and courage it took for you to admit that your unkind behavior offended me deeply.”

NOTE: I recommend copying these statements into your Healing Notebook so they’re easily accessible when you’re healing each experience.

Offering an authentic apology. To complete the process, recall the incident you want to heal along with the person you harmed and provide the following:

First: A genuine, authentic and complete apology with no excuses or equivocation.

  • For example: “I am sorry for disrespecting you. You didn’t deserve that.”

Then: Action(s) that ensure it won’t occur again.

  • For example: “I promise to be kind, considerate, and honest in the future.”

Next: A way to restore the relationship.

  • For example: “How can I make it up to you?”

Finally: Picture them telling you what they need—then you COMPLYING. Imagine the other person accepting your blessings.

Integration. After healing each experience, it’s a good idea to be gentle with yourself and take some time to embrace the healing.

  • For example: Breathe deeply through your nose, which will help you to relax. Breathe in love and breathe out any tension that you may be holding in your body.

Take a break before continuing with the next person. After you’ve integrated the healing between you and others, you may see positive, loving actions to take with people in your life.

Does the Magical Healing Process really make a difference? Yes, you can read all about it in my Amazon #1 Bestselling book—and, I can assure you that with over 30 years of providing Mind/Body Repatterning™ breakthrough results, there is no hope in avoidance. Going into the unknown parts of yourself from your past may not be easy, however, it is necessary if you want to live a magical life.

There are only two predominant things going on in your life. You either have something you don’t want (shame, blame, guilt, anger, envy, frustration, resentment, or regret). Or, you want something you don’t have.

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Lovingly Submitted,
Victoria Benoit, M.C.
Mind/Body Repatterning Practitioner, Speaker, Bestselling Author

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“Making amends does not indicate weakness ~ It’s a willingness to embrace your most vulnerable self.” ~ Author Unknown


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