Realize Your Destiny

Posted on May 4, 2022

Realize Your Destiny

According to the teachings of the Russian scientist, Grigori Grabovoi, each person’s consciousness creates their reality. Everything surrounding us—such as our friends, health, relationships, work, and home—is based on the structure of our consciousness. This method helps to transform thought processes by clearing unconscious patterns from the past, as well as increasing our level of consciousness. Ultimately, it allows us to experience emotional and spiritual healing which improves our quality of life.

I begin each session by opening an inquiry to identify a negative incident from the past where your journey diverged from the original plan—designed by you and the Creator—for your life’s purpose. As you tap into the consciousness of spirit where the blue-print for your life and wellness is, and go back in time before the problem or health issue began, you are able to reprogram what happened and begin the healing process, returning the body or the situation to its original intended version—in effect, changing your reality through consciousness.

Once realigned with your life’s purpose, you naturally and harmoniously transform your past misdirected course of actions and move forward on your originally intended journey with velocity and joy. So, when you’re ready to start fulfilling your life’s purpose and get to the root of what’s been holding you back, visit for more information.

Lovingly Submitted,

Victoria Benoit, M.C.
Healer, Speaker, Bestselling Author

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