Shift Happens

Posted on February 25, 2019

Shift Happens

Reinventing yourself shifts how your relationships and communities relate to you. It all starts with you taking responsibility for what triggers you and how you react.

The beauty of our relationships is that they are a direct reflection of how we treat others. The more loving and generous we are, the more love and generosity we receive. The opposite is also true. The more fearful and withholding we are, the less love we experience.

Everyone is a product of their parents, role models, upbringing, schooling, environment, and life experiences. When a person’s behavior is less than ideal, consider these influences may be why they are the way they are. The more compassion we have for another, the more compassion we receive when we—ourselves—are being less than ideal.

It is therefore essential for each of us to learn to separate unacceptable behavior from a person’s inherent goodness. Most people are responding from their past unresolved experiences. Realizing this makes it easier to feel empathy for others as well as for ourselves. Once we accept responsibility for the unresolved issues from our past that trigger our unacceptable behavior, we can then seek ways to heal and restore our inherent goodness.

One way I’ve shifted the patterns causing my automatic action/reaction-based behavior is by utilizing the energy healing method of Resonance Repatterning®. Most of our patterns are unconscious. This method identifies them, reveals where they came from, what needs were not met, the indelible negative emotions, and what conclusions we came to about ourselves, our relationships, and our life. It is a highly-effective way to reinvent the best version of yourself.

Recurring patterns are released, and a positive energy shift happens when a modality (sound, light, movement, breathing pattern, or an essential oil) is implemented by the holistic practitioner. When a session is complete and the patterns are shifted, we no longer have the same automatic responses to situations and people.

Recognizing what triggers you and clearing your recurring patterns is how you can reinvent yourself, your relationships and your communities.

As a holistic practitioner of Resonance Repatterning, it is an honor and a privilege to help everyone seeking to maximize their ability to manifest their goals and dreams and live in harmony with those whose lives they touch.

Lovingly Submitted,
Victoria Benoit, M.C.

Healer, Speaker, Bestselling Author of
What Would Love Do Right Now? A Guide to Living an Extraordinary Life

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