Universal Law of Divine Oneness


When intimacy becomes playful…

During one deeply-insightful Mind/Body Repatterning session, Karl—who was in his early 40s—revealed that he had never been in a long-term, intimate relationship with a woman. He shared that he was born prematurely and immediately separated from his mother in the delivery room. He spent his first two weeks of life in an incubator while his mother—who had experienced serious medical complications—was prevented from being with him during this critical bonding period. Closeness during breast-feeding is associated with intimacy and love-bonding throughout life. When a baby misses out on this breast-feeding phase, or is prematurely weaned, the person, as an adult, may no longer associate emotional intimacy with pleasurable feelings, or may become obsessed with creating intimacy through sexuality ONLY.

After additional sessions to heal this experience, he was able to move from feeling at odds with women to enhancing and enriching a well-developed curiosity with his girlfriend. His newfound playful exploration was spontaneous, as well as natural, and fulfilled his need for intimacy in the partnership of his dreams.


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